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About Audium Clinic

Audium clinic was founded by Dr. Sakti Prasad Mohanty. Consultant Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist Regd. No. A33016 (RCI)

BASLP (Utkal) MASLP, (Manipal University) Specialist In Laryngectomy Voice Rehabilitation (PGDVRL) (Manipal University) Specialist in Management of Vestibular Disorders (Yenepoya University). Md EH. 

Audium clinic is an exclusive clinic catering to your communication needs. At audium clinic we identify, evaluate and provide treatment for children and adult with speech, language and hearing disorders. We are channel partner and dealers of top international brand hearing aid companies. Our clinic is fully equipped for diagnosis and (Re)Habilitation of hearing loss and various speech and language disorders. Our Audiologist utilize tests such as OAE, BERA, Tympanometry, Audiometry (PTA), Sound field Audiometry testing to diagnose various type of hearing loss from new born babies to senior citizens. Audium clinic is a multi-brand hearing aid clinic. We believe that every individuals has unique hearing requirements there is no uniform fix. Hearing aid trial is given to assess benefit and suitability of hearing aid before dispensing it. For individuals with sever to profound loss who don’t benefit from hearing aids cochlear implant candidacy evaluations are be done and recommendations are made.

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Audium services

Hearing loss happens when there is a problem with one or more parts of the ear, the nerves inside the ear, or the part of the brain that controls hearing.
Audium Is An Authorised Service Partner Of Leading Trusted Hearing Aid Brands.

Your child’s speech and/or language skills will be assessed using a combination of parent/client interview, informal assessment and formal standardized testing. 

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of communication problems and speech disorders. 

Newborn screening and diagnosis helps ensure all babies who are deaf or hard of hearing are identified as soon as possible.

When to get more help for a repair. Despite your best and most diligent efforts, all hearing aids will probably need a repair at some point.

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Meet our doctor

Dr Sakti Prasad Mohanty
Consultant Audiologist

Dr. Sakti Prasad Mohanty (Audium Clinic) in Bhubaneshwar has a supportive and friendly staff, and the latest medical know-how to help patients. The clinic abides by all the necessary safety protocols, including Covid-19 precautionary measures. The doctor and team offer world-class care and guidance, always putting their patients first. Services like Speech Impairment etc. are also offered here, so all your treatment needs are taken care of in one place.

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Get your hearing tested for free in just 10 minutes!

Now You can get a free hearing assessment from the comfort of your Home through our online test facilities.

Get your hearing tested for free in just 10 minutes!

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